Monday, November 19, 2007

And again the old tramway in Stutgart

The beautiful weather today brought another chance to take some pictures of the old Stuttgart Tramway (Line 15) before it will end the service by December 8.


An original painted series GT4 without advertisment

At the Prag-cemetery (Pragfriedhof)

Pischek-Street with a nice panoramic view of the Stuttgart downtown

Official Information from the Stuttgart Transportation Authority SSB.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Last days of the old Stuttgart tram way

By early December the era of the old narrow gauge tram way will end. The line 15 will be replaced by the modern standard gauge train. A good reason to take the camera for some pictures. Unfortunately today the weather was not perfect. I took a walk along the part of the track where the tramway goes through the forest.

Already on the new tracks

Of course the modern tram is more convenient, and or sure the SSB (Stuttgart Public Transportation Authority) has good reasons to replace the old trains. But on the other side the old trains bring a certain flair to the city. And for the tourists it's always a joy to explore a city by a nostalgic tram way, think about the tram way in Lisboa, the collection of old trams in San Francisco, or even the cable car in San Francisco.

The turning point close to the Stuttgart TV tower.