Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rhine Falls

I was just reviewing some pictures I took in 2010 and I thought the follwing pictures from the Rhine Falls might be worth to publish. During the fall 2010 I had a business trip to Zurich, on the way back to Stuttgart I stopped at the Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen close to the Swiss-German border. I didn't visit this largest European waterfalls since a few years.

The waters of the 150 meter wide Rhine River fall down about 23 meters. The all year average water flow is about 250 m³/s, the falls are more spectacular usually during the summer months, when the water flow is in average 700 m³/s!

The falls can be easily visited, signs will lead you from the main streets to the parking lot that is close to the nearby castle. Read more on the Rhine Falls on Wikipedia and the official page.

Rhine Falls and Castle Laufen

The two rocks in the middle of the falls can be visited by boat

The spray of the falls can give an mystic mood