Wednesday, April 30, 2008

'Frühlingsfest' (Spring Festival) in Stuttgart

From Mid-April to early May the 'Frühlingsfest' is held in Stuttgart, it is the little brother of the 'Cannstatter Volksfest'. It is a combination of a beer festival and an amusement park. On the evening of April 20 the air was quite dry and I had a chance to take few nice long exposures. Although the original reason why we went there was a ballon glowing, which was finally done without the ballons due to some stronger winds.
When the air humidity is higher the warm and humid air arising from the festival area produces some fog over the festival which results on the pictures in a brown and dirty sky.
With the zoom I tried some explosion style effect. I guess this effect was very popular when the first zoom lenses have shown up in the seventies.

'Frühlingsfest' Stuttgart by night