Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Weissenhof, Stuttgart

End of last winter I had a chance to take a few nice pictures from outside of the Le Corbusier-building at the "Weissenhofsiedlung" in Stuttgart during the blue hour.

Le Corbusier Stuttgart Weissenhof ZinsstagLe Corbusier Stuttgart Weissenhof Zinsstag
Last Saturday I returned with friends this time to visit the museum which is located inside the Le Corbusier-building. One half of the Le Corbusier-building hosts the actual museum with documentation about the Werkbund exhibition at Weissenhof, documents from the 1920s including original plans and photos. The other half is restaurated in the original state designed by Le Corbusier. If you are interested in the Bauhaus or architecture in general I can recommend to visit the Weißenhof in Stuttgart.

An impression from the interior:

Le Corbusier Stuttgart Weissenhof Zinsstag

More information about the Weissenhaof is available at the official Weissenhof-Website.

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