Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Early winter in the mountains

We spent the last weekend in the Kleinwalsertal, the Austrian valley that is only accessible from Germany and building a part of the ‘Allgäuer Alpen”. Mid November is an unusual time to spend a weekend in the mountains, ski areas are not open yet and the hiking season is over since it is getting colder and wetter and the first snow is covering the mountains. But anyway we had a great weekend, sunny days, some snow and cold nights.

Pentax K100D, DA 18-55, 55 mm, 1:8, 1/30 s, ISO 200
First snow in the Kleinwalsertal with the dominating mountains: Elfer, Zwölfer and Widderstein

We did some small hikes along ice covered creeks up to the snow covered parts of the mountains. The thin layer of snow and the building ice crust were made to shot some pictures.

Pentax K100D, DA 18-55, 55 mm, 1:8, 1/30 s, ISO 200

Pentax K100D, Sigma 70-300, 210 mm, 1:13, 1/500 s, ISO 400
Gras looking through the first snow of the year

Pentax K100D, DA 18-55, 18 mm, 1:11, 1/20 s, ISO 200

Pentax K100D, DA 18-55, 30 mm, 1:8, 1/30 s, ISO 200
Streaming ice – icy streams

Pentax K100D, Sigma 70-300, 160 mm, 1:4,5, 1/4000 s, ISO 400
Waves of Snow

More pictures from the Kleinwalsertal in other posts.

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